How To Fix Smudged Nail Polish

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How To Fix Smudged Nail Polish. Use the nail polish brush. Apply 1 coat of smudge repair polish to your smudged nail.

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Not when there are other much quicker options. Then apply two layers of base coat before painting on nail color. You spend an hour on the couch at home carefully applying base coat multiple coats of color and topcoat to your nails only to.

You can also use a q-tip and dab it in some nail polish remover you only want a small amount of polish remover.

Brush a layer of specialized smudge repair polish onto the affected nail. If a single coat looks too thin to blend with the rest of your nail apply another thin coat. If you have an unsightly impression on your nails take a concealer brush or Q-tip and dip it into nail polish remover being careful not to over saturate the bristles or cotton swab. Like magic the nail polish sort of meltedand as I worked the brush into the polish it filled in the gaps.