How To Fix Acrylic Nails

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How To Fix Acrylic Nails. Continue to buff the nail until the top layer of your nail is smooth. Deep breath deep breath.

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Deep breath deep breath. When you buff your fingernails you should be able to rub away the bottom of the ridge this will make the remainder of the acrylics blend in with your natural nails. So here are 5 Amazing Ways To Repair Your Nails After Acrylics.

If youre having trouble getting full coverage in 2-3 dips consider switching dip liquid or powder brands.

Use a nail buffer to smooth the excess acrylic. Use a nail buffer to smooth the excess acrylic. Deep breath deep breath. Dip your finger with the lifted acrylic nail into the alcohol which will sanitize and remove any oil or bacteria that might be trapped between your natural nail and acrylic nail.