How To File Acrylic Nails

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How To File Acrylic Nails. Start on one side of the nail and smooth it down following the natural curve of the nail. How to File Shape and Buff Acrylic Nails with an E-file - YouTube.

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Suzie demonstrates how to sculpt and finish an Acrylic Nail with Hand Files in this step by step tutorialThe Kit used in this video is sold out her new Cle. The softer 180 grit side can be used for shaping the natural nail. When the acrylic grain is positioned on your customer is accomplish must hold its form.

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A 100180 grit nail file should still suffice for both shaping and debulking acrylic nails the 100 grite side can reduce length and take down the surface. File the free edge to adjust the length of the nails using a 180 grit file. So file on the sides of the nails top. Then you need to go over the tops and sides of the nail in order to complete the shape and make sure the nail is smooth.