How To Cut My Own Curly Hair

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How To Cut My Own Curly Hair. How To Curl Your Hair Using No Heat and a Pair of Tube SocksYep Tube Socks. First I washed my hair put conditioner in it and left it on to maximally straighten my curls during the cut.

Pin On Curly Hair Diy
Pin On Curly Hair Diy from

Then use scissors to cut each section just below the hair. And Ive been using exactly this technique for the last 10 years. Put hair ties on each section at the length you want to trim it.

How I Cut My Own Curly Hair in this DIY Curly hair routine.

Dry curl cuts are basically cutting hair when it is dry instead of when it is wet. For Kids Hair If you can get kids to stay still a haircut isnt too hard. I combed my hair into a pony tail at the nape of my neck as evenly as possible side hair on side back on back top on top and tied it with an elastic not hard up against the nape of my. This is a good time to check if your hair is brush straight so that there are no weird bumps or tangled patches.