How To Change Color Of Dip Powder Nails

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How To Change Color Of Dip Powder Nails. Remove and smooth any residual powder with a rotary tool. This is where a smaller drill or rotary tool would come in handy.

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Accent Nail Design for Extra Attention. As told you can simply switch up your powder color and paint them with a variety of polish available. Allow the nails to soak in the acetone for at least 10-15 minutes Remove the foil and cotton pressing down on the nail as you do so as this helps to remove many layers of dip powder coating Soak more cotton balls in acetone and use them to gently rub in a circular motion any areas of the nails that have product remaining.

Again dont go too deep or else you risk sanding through the nail.

Using Regular Nail polish over dip powder nails. PRO TIPAvoid getting the product onto cuticles powder will pick up wherever Base is applied. Then the rough powdery layers are transformed into a smooth glossy finish once a sealant is applied. If you are new to Dip Powder or arent sure what it even is you have come to the right place This in depth tutorial will teach you everything you need.