How To Backfill Gel Nails

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How To Backfill Gel Nails. Of this kind of various options ladies normally just Use a blink of their eyes its not so easy to choose from a variety of solutions 1 but the ideal. Polish lasts longer when your nails.

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Overlays are great ways to add strength to your nails and eliminate the need to soak everything off every time. Kokoist Bonding Duo-in-a-Bottle Rubber Base Builder Gel. If its a one colour sculpt then you would just infill and rebalance your apex back by filing it back into shape with your file and infilling the pink in zone 3 and possibly a little in zone 2 if needed.

Prep the nail for an acrylic backfill.

In this weeks video Im going to show you a full step by step diy how to of applying gel false nails using Polygel as well as give you an honest review of how it lasted without lifting and included a rebalance also known as a backfill or infill. You would only do a backfill if you were re doing a French. Polish lasts longer when your nails. Apply it in strokes as you would regular nail polish.