How Much Is It For Acrylic Nails

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How Much Is It For Acrylic Nails. So while the result might look alike you will notice a stark difference in quality and services. How much are acrylic nails with gel polish Ğ°dditionally once the aluminum foils come off manicurists may scrape the nail plate with a data which can lead to even more nail trauma.

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The price of acrylic nails varies widely between nail technicians. The exact cost of a set of acrylic nails can vary based on where you live and the the nail salon but expect to pay over 50. At Vanity Projects a full set costs 75 while a fill-in is 55 in.

However that is also not a fixed rate.

Those who want to purchase fake nails in bulk can pay as little as 13 to 19 for a pack of 500 nails. However that can change depending on the price of the work and the quality of the work. A french nail set for example that comes in a pack of two will vary anywhere from 10 to 15. The cost of high-quality simple acrylic nails is 35 and nail tips are about 30.