Doug Miller Workout

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Doug Miller Workout. Barbell curls 4 20 12 8 4 plus drop set of 10. To maintain variety in my workouts I use every variation there is.

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My legs seem to respond the best to higher reps. I normally do 4-7 exercises for my larger muscle groups and my rep ranges vary from as low as 2-3 reps to as high as 30. Doug and Stephanie Miller created a diet supplement and work out program tailored specifically for me based on my bodys response during a reconditioning phase.

Supersets drop sets giant sets partial reps different grip on the bar different foot position etc.

Doug said absolutely not. Sick and tired of supplements that are built around hype and that simply do not work Doug uses his biochemistry background to focus on. Eating breakfast at this point is a must and should never be skipped. He uses it in 4-8 week periods during the off-season to change things up.