Double Under Workout

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Double Under Workout. So if youre new to double-unders one of the best ways to use them is at the beginning of your workout when your legs and lungs are fresh. Good up and down bounce.

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CrossFit Games Open Workout 211 For time. Once you can consistently do 100 single unders in a row without failure youre ready to move on to the double under. However for some of you Double Unders may not be an option.

A double under is a movement used regularly in CrossFit workouts that involves jumping rope but with the rope going under the feet twice for every one jump.

But practice does make perfect especially in the case of double unders. Whether you get 20 or 200 write it down. 40 Dumbbell Snatches 5035 lb 90 Double-Unders. Now lets get to the double under programming.