Dorian Yates Workout

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Dorian Yates Workout. It was Mike Mentzers Heavy Duty that won over the Englishman. Much like some bodybuilders advocate dumbbell flyes over the bench press for chest development many believe that the leg press can do more for your leg muscles than the squat.

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Right from his early days in bodybuilding Dorian Yates used to follow Mike Mentzers HIT training method. One such advocate of the leg press is the bodybuilding great Dorian Yates. Olympia was known for having a particularly large frame in comparison to.

Cardio 2-3x per week.

Dorian Yates Blood Guts 6-Week Trainer. Going against the traditional idea of high-volume workouts to maximize muscle growth the Dorian Yates back workout is focused on high-intensity exercises. The Dorian Yates diet follows the modern day bodybuilding nutritional plan. Known as The Shadow in bodybuilding circles Dorian Yates was the goliath of early 1990s bodybuilding.