Dont Vote Third Party

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Dont Vote Third Party. And your thoughts and policies wont be suppressed because the sub will follow US Constitution and no one will get permanent banThis is the biggest and most realistic US Political Simulation Sub on reddit. To all my third party friends who are getting the same backlash.

Vote Third Party
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Youre relying on everyone else to get the job done and keep the mad man from having his finger on the button. An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote. The wasted vote myth The biggest objection by allies to voting for a Third Party is the wasted vote argument the idea that if you vote for someone who will not win then the vote does not count.

Alternatively I posit that each election is too important to not vote third-party and that the true lesser evil is voting for a candidate who may not have as good of odds to win but who.

An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote. Bernie Sanders who some insist they will write in as a form of protest has advised against voting for a third-party candidate. The party that dominates the Parliament gets to pick the Prime Minister. If you vote Libertarian Green Party American Independent or Peace and Freedom and if you do not vote at all you are voting for Trump.