Does Uv Light Dry Nail Polish

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Does Uv Light Dry Nail Polish. Instead the polymer and monomer will chemically react when mixed together and naturally harden when exposed to air. So do you need a UV light for acrylic nails.

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The UV light being emitted by the UV lamps does nothing to dry nail polish but the heat from the light unit itself will assist in drying nail polish. You do not need a UV light to dry acrylic nails. It might seem like it does but this is most likely because they are just sitting still long enough to allow the enamel to dry.

Some nail polishes usually gels are cured by ultraviolet light.

How long does gel nail polish take to dry under UV light. A UV lamp will not do anything at all for nail polishenamel. It takes about 10-15 minutes for Acrylics to dry. However heat from the light will help to speed up the drying time of regular nail polish.