Does Gel Damage Your Nails

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Does Gel Damage Your Nails. Learn the pros and cons of acrylic gel and. Unsurprisingly hard gels are way more damaging than soft gels although even soak-off gels will likely cause some issues from the 10-minute or more acetone soak.

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It might cost you money but it will protect your nails in the long run. The American Academy of Dermatology website states Gel manicures can cause nail brittleness peeling and cracking However Marian Newman nail artist and author of Nailed It. Wide range of face treatments organic facials.

To be safe only have your gel nails removed at a salon.

The good news is that gel nail polish itself will not hurt your nails. As your nails grow over the next few weeks youll notice the colour descending with the growth and visible gap left around your cuticles necessitating the removal of the gel which can only be done at a salon. If you pick at the polish and peel it up you will inevitably peel away. They will use a solution that will help the product crumble off.