21s Workout Dumbbells

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21s Workout Dumbbells. Ad Find Your Strength Summer Steal For One Week Only. Top half of the exercise 7 reps per set.

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If you enjoyed the bicep 21s check out these alternative exercises to improve your bicep training. This movement is performed with dumbbells in a seated position on a bench. Hurry Before Its Gone.

For the first seven reps go from the bottom of the movement up to the.

The number 21 refers to the number of total reps you do in one set. 3-Part Curls 21s Dumbbell Performance Description Grasp a dumbbell of desired weight in each hand keeping in mind that 21 consecutive repetitions are performed when doing this exercise and either sit on a bench or stand upright with legs about shoulder-width apart letting your arms hang at. Curl the dumbbells up together to the top of a bicep curl but lower down only until your elbows are back at the 90-degree angle. To really allow your biceps to reach their full potential you may need to start adding 21s to your biceps routine.