2 Week Ultrasound Pictures

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2 Week Ultrasound Pictures. The Heart Slideshow SS Eyes Ears Mouth. Weve found this adorable countdown photo frame that you can update every week until your babys born.

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Large amounts of blood discharge on the second week of pregnancy may be a sign of endometrial hyperplasia. You can go for ultrasound to get the first glimpse of multiple lives in the womb. The right uterine artery in the color Doppler ultrasound image top- left shows bifurcation or division just before it crosses the right external iliac artery and vein.

The second trimester ultrasound is commonly performed between 18 and 22 weeks gestation.

4 - 6 Weeks. The uterus is protected by nature from outer negative influences such as an unhealthy diet alcohol or a medication. At this gestation what the ultrasound technician is looking for is the size of a sweet pea. The 20-week ultrasound is not an in-and-out appointment so leave yourself plenty of time.