100 Rep Workout Muscle Mass

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100 Rep Workout Muscle Mass. Cable Crossovers-3 x 15. For instance if you feel your calves and biceps are lacking then youre allowed to use the 100 rep-a-day program for both muscles simultaneously.

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Depending on the exercise 100 reps might take you 20 minutes or 45 minutes. Start by performing reps at your selected weight until you reach failure. You want to perform 100 total reps resting as often as you need to get there.

For this workout pick a weight thats about 30-40 of your regular training weight and perform 40 reps.

Subtract that number from 100 to figure out your rest in seconds. 100 Rep per Set - Workout 1. Once this happens remember your rep number. Start out taking about two minutes between the first 3-5 sets and take up to 3-4 minutes between sets towards the end.